Our Philosophy

We believe in the professionalism, knowledge, and compassion of our most valuable resource, the people that make up our Denver NeuroDiagnostics team. Leading the IONM industry, all our technologists are board certified with 10+ years professional experience. Having surgery can be a very new and stressful experience, and we value the opportunity to provide you with the highest quality and most compassionate IONM care.

“The use of IONM offers a possibility to detect injuries before they become so severe they cause deficits after the operation. Introduction of IONM has reduced the risk of debilitating deficits such as muscle weakness, paralysis, hearing loss, and other loss of normal body functions. IONM is normally performed by technologists supervised by a physiologist, or a neurologist. Similar techniques as used in IONM are now used in a few kinds of operations for guiding the surgeon in an operation to help obtain the best results.”

– The American Society of Neurophysiological Monitoring